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  1. Denise Woods

    Hi there. I have two little girls aged 7 and 5 who love cooking and gardening. Could you please send me a booking form as well if you have any spots left for the school holiday program?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Denise -thanks for your message, and yes we do have a few spots available! I’ll send you the booking form.

      Thanks again, Melissa

  2. E.N.

    Hi Melissa, just trying to find an omelette recipe you did with 2f last week. My son doesn’t like eggs normally but said your omelette was great! Go figure, ha. Do you know which one it was? Thanks e

  3. Tahlia

    Hi Melissa,

    How are you, I hope all is well. My daughters Allegra and Tamryn are desperate to attend your program again in the Sept/Oct holidays. Are you holding classes? If so, can you please send me a booking form.thanks, Tahlia

    • Hi Tahlia!
      It is so lovely to hear that, and I hope they are well!
      These next holidays I’ll be holding some kitchen workshops through Bondi BASC (after- and vacation- care for Bondi Public School – you can access this thru the school’s website) so whilst not in the same format as the last few programs, there will be some cooking going on!
      Mainly the school feeds the kids into the program but they may well release spots if there are vacancies – and they are still finalising their final schedule so I’m not quite sure what days yet!
      Hope this helps Tahlia.
      Looking forward to seeing the girls again… Cheers Melissa

  4. Angie Gallinaro

    Hi Melissa

    I’ve just had a chance to browse this website and want to compliment you on the presentation, especially the photos. The dishes and other images look amazing.

    PS I was looking for a recipe for carrot salad & the thinly sliced pickled carrots which adorned the salad dishes at 2014 end-of-year morning tea.

    Happy New Year

  5. Emily Knox

    Hi Melissa!
    I recently found out about the Kitchen Garden Program at Bondi Public School and I think it’s a fantastic initiative!

    I am from Montreal, Canada and am currently living in Sydney, I study food security and urban agriculture and am very keen to get involved in local food initiatives such as yours. I was wondering if there might be volunteer opportunities with the Kitchen Garden Program?

    I would love to find out more and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks!


    • Hi Emily, yes it is a fantastic initiative! And thanks for getting in touch… I will email you directly.

      Thanks again,

  6. Vikki Brooke

    Do you still do the markets on the weekend at the school? Drove past today and couldn’t see anything…..also wondered if there were any opportunities to work at Bondi Kitchen Garden? cheers Vikki

    • Hi Vikki, no the markets aren’t on at the moment but the school is planning to re-lodge the DA so hopefully sometime soon… watch this space!
      And whilst the positions of Kitchen and Garden Specialists at our school are currently filled, we’re always after volunteers to help in our sessions if you have a spare 45-90 minutes a week… If so , let me know! And check the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation site @ for any Specialist vacancies at other schools. Good luck!

  7. Hi Mel; Long story as to how I found ‘The Bondi Cook’ but it’s great to see what you are doing. The last time I saw you was probably back in London in ’91 when you were the Maitre’d at Stickies and my flat mate along with Ron & Linda. You’re food looks amazing – shame I’m not a little closer to enjoy it! Just wanted to say hello – looks like your path has gone in a good direction since I saw you last. All the best – Greg

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