31st August 2011

Spring has sprung, hooray! I love these days of crisp mornings that turn into warm afternoons, especially being in the cottage with all the beautiful sun shining through the windows and the doors open and breeze flowing all the way through, so lovely…

We’ve been cooking some great food this last fortnight: loads of broccoli with anchovies and garlic on pizza and also tossed in our own hand-rolled wholewheat linguine: our muscles are getting a good work-out on the pasta machines! The cabbages are going crazy in size (and slugs…) so we’ve chopped off their heads, washed them well and made soup with carrot and caraway seeds, and also dressed some more lovely green salads with crunchy croutons… and we’ve been experimenting with dairy- and wheat-free orange and vanilla biscuits too using olive oil and spelt instead – quite delicious!

Thanks to more and more gorgeous volunteers appearing at the door as we’ve had some fab classes these last weeks with all stations filled (meaning five different dishes and lots of food on the tables!) and many hands making the clean-up work lighter…!

Sorry for the delay in the getting the market table up and running – watch this space or keep your eyes open in the next few weeks… In the meantime have a great & happy fathers’ day and see you soon!

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