August 3rd 2011

Here we are two weeks later, still in winter but it’s 26°C and not a cloud in the sky! I love winter in Sydney – and so too the veggies growing bigger every day… we’ve got heaps of broad beans about to pod, broccoli forming, radishes planted, spinach on the way, potatoes in the bag… and a new shipment (no kidding) of seeds about to be sprouted – it’s an exciting time in the kitchen garden!

These last two weeks we’ve all had great success with our shortcrust pastry in the kitchen, baking delicious Italian-inspired silverbeet torta; our soup morphed into a bowl of rich Jerusalem artichoke with a dollop of sour cream & chives; we’ve had huge success with our simple master salad made wonderfully luxurious with a hand pounded garlic & squeezed-lemon vinaigrette; and the orange Anzacs a massive hit of course, even though each batch has emerged completely different from the last! That’s cooking for you… thanks always to our fab helpers and ever-enthusiastic students!

Next up: we’ve got some prehistoric-looking cabbages that need slicing and stir-frying with loads of garlic and perhaps some aromatic spices; some gigantic rocket leaves that are begging to be souped; some crisp green cos lettuces that we’ll roll around in some of that vinaigrette; and I haven’t forgotten that marjoram pasta idea – the poor old bush got a number 2 buzz-cut yesterday so I might be buttering up some herbs for a while…

…and talking of fab helpers – we’re still looking for VOLUNTEERS!!! Don’t be shy, please stick your head in to the garden or cottage and let us know if you can commit to (less than!) a few hours a week. YOUR BONDI KITCHEN GARDEN NEEDS YOU!

Cheers! Melissa

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