Kitchen news – 29th August 2012

HELLO BONDI! Well how busy have we been this week?! Superbusy! We had the awesome Jessica Watson & the enviroweek team in for morning tea with the school captains on Wednesday… amazing to hear her story first-hand and understand what her take on sustainability is – lots of food for thought! And a renewed vigour to ‘do the right thing’ with regard to re-using, renewing & recycling …

And we’re almost at my favourite season of all: Spring. Hooray! Which means right now we’ve got blood oranges for the cordial to mix in jugs of ice and mineral water; crunchy cos lettuces for our original the mighty Caesar salad; we’re rolling handcut pappardelle with rocket and lemon; grating beetroot for Borscht; and soaking yet more cannellini beans for beans and greens… The children’s food is so delicious – come, have lunch and taste for yourselves if you haven’t yet had the chance! And it’s free! All we need is about an hour of your time beforehand* 🙂

(*especially on Tuesdays at 11.20am)

Cheers all! Melissa

PS recipes will be up anon!

Our Kitchen Garden

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