Kitchen News – 25th October 2012

We’re here! Term 4 and there’s much excitement brewing…

First up: the Halloween Fete! We’ve been jamming, pickling, bottling and canning our wares: some of our classes have been marvellously helping to add to our sale bounty for Sunday so come along to our stand for all your preserved needs! We’ll also have some award-winning tomato chilli jam and blood orange marmalade for sale so get in quick!

This Sunday, 28th October 10am to 3pm at Bondi Public School, 5 Wellington St Bondi.

Next: the official book launch – representatives from all classes will be helping prep and cook for our prestigious guests at Wednesday’s lunch – and we’re even cooking a course (or 3) in the pizza oven! Watch this space for news and photos of this auspicious event…

And Christmas – well that’s a whole other kettle of fish so we’ll worry about that when the time comes!

Anyway, to business – it’s the Celebration of the Broad bean this week in the cottage, with 20kg+ harvested so far! So we’re going all out with bruschetta with broad bean and parmesan ‘mash’ and a salad of wild rocket, broad bean, radish & parmesan, honey dressing. We’ve been crunching our way too through crispy asparagus with lemon & herb aioli, and bottling Cornersmith’s recipes of pickled beetroot and also their Winter bouillon as mentioned above… and trialling for next week’s launch: Lavender honey cakes, which as you can imagine have been a total disaster popularity-wise…

All recipes will be up here by the weekend! Have a great week and we hope to see you on Sunday!

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