Kitchen News – 14th February 2013

We have started the year in fine fettle here in the cottage, with an action packed couple of weeks: recapping on safety issues; earning our 2013 Knife Licences; enacting our very own Kitchen Treasure Hunt; and even doing a little cooking!

It has been great to see everybody, and to be back in the swing of things – and we’ve had a fab turnout so far of eager volunteers… thanks to all of you for jumping on board so quickly – as ever, this program is only a success because of you!

Ligia has been hard at it too, clearing and planting and organising after a big break in Brazil – if you’re handy with a shovel or know a trick with stink beetles please drop down to the garden and show yourself! Your garden needs you!

And welcome back to Gertie and her posse of feathered friends (and frenemies? Alas the two newcomers seem to still be on the outer) – it’s good to hear their gentle clucking as I go about my business!

So to this latest menu: a snack of garlic bruschetta with tomatoes and basil; thyme and lemon marinated feta; roasted capsicum; our quick pesto; and a lovely salad – using up the delicious veggies that have been quietly ripening over our big summer break. The children have harvested heaps of tomatoes, baskets of capsicum, some enormous cucumbers (handy for showing me their knife skills!), bags of carrots (orange and purple!), and some gorgeous deep coloured eggplants, reams of beans, as well as handfuls of basil and thyme… the fridges are still stocked. And 4W even got to toss some oat pancakes with roasted fruits for Pancake Day on Tuesday!

So welcome back everybody – drop in and say hi at any time, we’ve got lots planned and as usual we’re having a smashing time… Happy Valentine’s Day and Kung Hei Fat Choy to all!

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One thought on “Kitchen News – 14th February 2013

  1. I’m glad your year has got off to a good start – great that you’re doing well with volunteers. They are worth their weight in gold! And what a fabulous menu…I’m feeling hungry just reading it!

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