Kitchen Garden News – 14th March 2013

Kung hei fat choi!

We have been swimming in delicious, heady flavours in the cottage these last two weeks – dark and light soy, sesame oil, black bean sauce, rice wine vinegar, chilli oil, fresh chillies, coriander, ginger and garlic – and all the woks and steamer baskets have been working overtime as we launched our Chinese Banquet Menu! All in all I think the cottage oversaw roughly 650 dumplings rolled & filled over the course of eight classes’ sessions… and they all got gobbled up! The children did a sterling job and were super-adventurous trying dishes they hadn’t before – and the grown-up volunteers were fabulous in their support and ability to assist us in what was a huge menu… so to it!

Not only Steamed eggplant siu mai with ginger and chilli dipping sauce and Pork and spinach pot-sticker dumplings with soy vinegar, but also Chinese pumpkin pancakes (Nan Gua Bing), Kylie Kwong’s chilled cucumber salad, Stir-fried eggs with tomato and chilli soy, Perfect steamed rice, Shanghai-style eggplant and finally a little cup of Jasmine tea, of course… all in the same class! I’m looking forward to calming it down a bit in the next menu – we’ve got leeks, carrots and plenty of rocket to come!

So with that I bid you adieu, I hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week! And also promise that the recipes for the Chinese feast will be up here as soon as humanly (and homeworkly!) possible…

Cheers! Melissa

Dumpling heaven…

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