OKG School Holiday Program – Tuesday 23rd April 2013


Tuesday’s menu


Introduction – Knife Licences

Carrot muffins with garlic butter*
Rhubarb and pear compote with vanilla yoghurt*
Ava’s orange Anzacs* 

Chook care – Garden Walk – Herb id

Chickpea and green veggie soup*
Spelt rags* with quick pesto*
Warm beetroot & quinoa tabbouleh*

Seedlings & seeds
Take home: start a herb garden!


The most perfect cup of chickpea & green veggie soup!

Well! We came, we saw, we conquered! Conquered the peeling, the chopping, the boiling, blending, the baking, the eating – and the washing up! We had such a wonderful time – the children were so helpful and enthusiastic, and made super delicious food. And I think we all learnt something new… Thanks to all the wonderful kids who attended, you are all so inspiring!


Warm beetroot & quinoa tabbouleh

If you’d like to try the recipes at home, click on the asterisked menu listings above to be directed…  xx


OKG Knife Licence

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