Kitchen garden news – 30th May 2013

A great discussion these last two weeks in the cottage has been based around why, if we have winter arriving this Saturday, we still have heaps of basil appearing on the harvest table – whilst nestled among the baskets are chunks of pumpkin and cauliflower heads too… in effect: summer, autumn and winter produce all at the same time? In every class we’ve had at least one of the children work out that we’ve been having lovely sunny weather and the basil still thinks it’s summer – while Ligia & her gangs have been busily planting the winter crop for some time now… How lucky are we to live in Sydney and receive this generous cross-seasonal bounty!

We were very excited to meet our program’s foundress Stephanie Alexander last night in the cottage while she was here spruiking the program to new schools. She was super-happy with all that we’ve been doing and particularly impressed with our new beds of garlic shoots (thanks to Andrew Worssam). It was lovely to be reminded yet again of her passion and purpose…!

And to business! In the kitchen this week: Cauliflower and borlotti bean soup; Mini frittate of chive, gruyere and rocket with Basil aioli; Tempura of veggies; Last of the season Pesto*; and Pumpkin gnocchi with burnt butter and sage. Nom nom.

All recipes are up! Click on the links to see or download them…

*And thanks to all generous subscribers to our pesto offerings – I only wish there were more! Watch this space in about a year’s time for the next lot!

Cheers! Melissa

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