Kitchen garden news – 28th June 2013

So here we are the end of Term 2 with winter well and truly upon us.  At least winter solstice has been and gone so the days are getting ever-so-slightly longer now…. I do love this time of year though: the oven on and slow-cooking anything in my path, and parking spaces to be found readily around Bondi, and with an almost leisurely commute to school in the mornings!

This week we’ve taken a break from the usual routine to welcome the Year 1 classes to the Kitchen Garden program… it has been lovely to see the wee ones down here and also to say hi to the new wave of Future Volunteers (!) We made some delicious crusty bocconcini and garden herb pizza and slurped some creamy green soup: landcress, potato, rocket and leek this time… I think we all had a great time… And the little aprons looked very cute indeed!

And with a tear in my eye I farewell lovely Ella and her family for the time being… Have fun in New York – I can’t wait to see your photos and to hear all about it!

Bye bye lovely Ella!

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Cheers all & happy hols! Melissa x

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