Kitchen Garden news – 1st August 2013

We’re back in the swing of things in the cottage and my word, how the children have grown! I swear that they’ve all grown 20cm since last term! It is wonderful to see them again – and lovely to taste the amazing dishes they have been preparing in the last two weeks.

The garden held an interesting array of goodies for us upon our return from the holidays – a little bit of broccoli, a handful of snowpeas, a bunch of coriander, loads of parsley, some juicy radishes nudging their heads out of the soil, a few branches of kale, a forest of rhubarb, a hundred lemons, a thousand eggs, and two dozen beautifully straight carrots planted with care in term two… What to use to compile a tasty menu? This is what we cooked from the spoils: a Warm salad of Nolan’s Road chickpeas and kale with Greek yoghurt  (the unexpected hit of the week), Veggie patch frittata (with sautéed radishes and chopped snowpeas), Broccoli and lemon risotto (with our own bouillon made by 5P last week), Olive and rosemary focaccia (with the bottled Bondi olives that the classes marinated in May this year, and own dried rosemary) and Rhubarb and apple crumble tarts (the expected hit of the week…) So delicious. The recipes are up NOW btw!

We’ve had a few of our regular helpers head back off to work so we are left with quite a few spaces free…  In order to have successful sessions we would love some more volunteers across the 8 sessions a week: if you’re keen to help, please get in touch!

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