Kitchen garden news – 15th August 2013

Goodness me, I can’t believe it is week 5 already! The school has been so busy this term and with so much more to do we’ve all been swept up in all the excitement of the activities… and of these lovely warm days! How lucky we are to be in the middle of winter with 24 degree temperatures (and our wonderful broad-beanstalks loving the weather too and absolutely shooting to the sky!) – although a few of us have been suffering from the lurgy currently doing the rounds…

To combat the sniffles we’ve been chopping up loads of garlic and veggies for our winter soup: cannellini beans, kale and rainbow chard, with onion, carrots and potatoes. We also rustled up a super-speedy soda bread to have with it – and mastered the art of the soufflé (and tying their collars..!) with our ‘two cheeses’ trusty failsafe version. We squashed, prodded and juiced lemon quarters, cinnamon, salt and bay into sterilised jars – and will come back in a month for lovely preserved lemons to play around with… and whipped up a little Sunday-mornin’ best mushrooms on toast! But the winner of the best ingredient so far this year has to be from this recipe: Poached egg salad with limehairy mayonnaise! So what is limehairy? Ask your kids!

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