Kitchen Garden news – 29th August 2013

Hear ye, hear ye! Why did the mushroom go to A Night at the Bondi Oscars? Because he wanted to be a fun-ghi like all the fabulous BPS kids! Boom tish.

Yes yes yes! It’s Musical Madness around the school this week and it’s Mushroom Mayhem too… we’ve been wiping and slicing like crazy in the cottage ‘cos these mushrooms are mushrooming up everywhere! Wherever you look at the moment these little sporous (?) creatures are blooming – under tables, in cupboards and even under Ali’s house – and we are totally taking advantage!

So the menu has been a right quattro stagione!  We’ve had the old classic Cream of mushroom soup, set off nicely by Soft parmesan polenta with sautéed mushrooms and a poached egg, and also brought back the favourite Pizza ai funghi! (see joke, above).

We’ve played around a bit with the salad also, and come up with a rip-snorter: the Leafy salad of kale, rocket and lettuces with roasted chickpeas, goats’ cheese and raw mushrooms. Yum Yum! Super-textural: crunchy, bouncy, creamy…

And the lucky few classes with 5 helpers have also been able to whip up our favourite dessert from 2 years ago (Ellie made the best by far): Upside-down blood orange & cardamom cake. Too good!

And to accommodate 3B’s short class on Wednesday we changed the format and had all the children whisk up their Omelettes aux champignons and A simple side salad for their own groups, where they got to create their own salad dressings. Delicious and very inventive!

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