Kitchen news – 21st November 2013

Flatbread production line

The theme this fortnight has been ‘Our Families’, recommended to me by Miss Murden for her Stage 1 unit theme. This has been particularly appropriate at my house as we’ve had our English family to stay (who of course brought the rain with them!) but also has led to discussion in the classes about our Bondi Kitchen Garden Family, where we cook, eat and work together – and also how I very much feel like an auntie to all the children (or as a cheeky little Year 3 kid said, a Great Grandma. Hmph!) The UK folks left yesterday, so the weather should be a lot better from now on…

So to our menu: Hugh’s fish-free salad Niçoise (gorgeously golden yolks from our fresh eggs); slurpy Cream of celery soup; River Cottage garlicky flatbreads to mop up Alice’s broad bean puree (that’s the end of them!); and the most popular dish ever, judging by the requests for the recipe and general comments from parents AND children: the creamy and vibrant Risotto primavera.

A fabulous bunch of dishes and the children working so well together – so helpful, mature and an absolute delight to cook with! And not a grain of rice left…

To finish, I made a call-out for some haberdashery help… I mentioned that I had over a dozen aprons that need some sewing-machine attention or other and said would love to hand them over for a fix, and that it could be a project for the holidays? But it looks like I have a Machinist Miracle Maker who is even picking up the aprons on Tuesday! Thanks Fiona 🙂

For loads of great photos from the week and recipes updated fortnightly, click back here!


Team zest!

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One thought on “Kitchen news – 21st November 2013

  1. Wishing you a magical Christmas season and all the good things in 2014! 🙂

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