Kitchen news – 7th November 2013

Year 2 Initiation Ceremony!

Week 5 and we’re galloping ahead this term… Ok I’ll stop the horse puns right now then?! Instead, it’s been action packed this fortnight, with the last of the Year 2 Initiation Ceremonies and their delicious antipasti menu of Smashed broad bean and garlic bruschetta, Marinated feta, Roasted capsicum, Rosemary and thyme grissini and our Simple salad with edible flowers. Salute to the program Year 2 students!

For the bigger kids in the program we had a veg-heavy menu with loads of chopping, snipping and whirring: some classes made Beetroot soup, others Silverbeet soup, both with crème fraiche and chives; we made the fabulous Salad of roasted beets, goats’ cheese and broad beans; we kneaded and baked Pizza bianca with smashed olives and rocket; we charred capsicum for a fiery Harissa paste; and then used the harissa for the dish of Braised greens with harissa, fried egg and preserved lemon (with the lemons we preserved in Term 3)… All so wonderfully delicious and gobbled up instantly!

Hallowe’en also figured last week so the above menu featured as: Blood soup with creamy snot and chopped bogeys; Salad of roasted hearts and cats’ lungs with frogs’ kidneys; Frogspawn pizza with smashed beetles; Evil paste of eye of newt, toe of child and fresh scab; and Ghastly ghoulash of pond weed and preserved heel of old man. Yummy!!!

On Saturday the cottage was taken over by a horde of starving mothers who sliced, harvested, diced, whisked, baked, rolled and created the most amazing feast!  Tonia (mum to Anna and Alice) was the winning bidder of the Silent Auction entry at the P&C Gala Night ‘A Day in the Cottage with Melissa & 12 adults’… What a change to have only grown-ups in the kitchen! Although I did see some child-like wonder on a few faces as the Beetroot linguine rolled  – served a la Sean’s Panaroma style with rocket, lemon and chilli oil – and the Red onion and smashed olive pizza baked and the Roasted beetroot salad was dressed and the Silverbeet soup was mouli’d and then set on our beautiful table complete with starched linen, wine glasses and matching cool climate wines! And then to complete the feast, we ended on an even higher note of Rhubarb and rosewater Eton mess (baby meringues, vanilla cream, ice cream mmmmmmm)… Thanks to all the great girls who made the day such a success – and raised $700 for the school to boot! Hooray to you! Next up: a Dad’s Day?

For loads of great photos from the week and recipes updated fortnightly, check back here!


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