Kitchen news – 5th December 2013

This is my last Kitchen News of the year! Sad but true… So here goes:

We love our Kitchen Garden volunteers! We love our Kitchen Garden volunteers so much that we’ve dedicated the last 2 weeks classes’ talk to ‘Being the best helper for your volunteer’ as without our volunteers we would have no help, no camaraderie, no shared skills, no mentorship, no community involvement and possibly no classes at all! We totally appreciate every single minute every volunteer spares us – and mostly it’s not just a spare minute but a spare ninety, every week or so, for terms and terms (and sometimes terms…!).

And an honourable mention goes to Fiona K too for answering my call-out last newsletter for a talented tailor to touch up some tatty aprons… thank you so much! What I thought was an easy dozen stringless aprons turned out to be twice that much, and they were delivered back to me super-promptly and with lovely smiles (and chocolate!)… bless you.

Anyhow back at the ranch: to the menus! We had a ‘sandwich’ menu (boom tish) last week to get us through Week 8: Rocket and herbed feta salad with preserved lemon dressing; Eggs ‘en cocotte’ Florentine; Leek soup; Gnocchi with burnt butter and sage; and Lavash crackers to wash it all down – a perfect late spring menu and absolutely delicious!

And to the Festive Menu, and something for everyone! Starting with everybody’s Holiday Salad (AKA the Salad of Massaged Kale); Carrot and potato latkes with apple sauce and sour cream (Chanukkah: recipe inspired by Joel in 3B); Penne with Swiss chard, yoghurt, tahini and buttered pine nuts (from Yotam’s Jerusalem cookbook, a spurious link to the meeting place of 3 of the main religions?!); some Festive shortbread (Christmas trees and stars); and then we’re also bottling jars of Bouillon for a surprise (all will be revealed…!).

Happy holidays everybody! Have fun and see you all in 2014 xxx

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