Kitchen news – 27th February 2014

We’re back on track for Week 5 and have loved seeing our new classes through the cottage so far – and goodness we’ve had some wonderful lessons: the children are meticulous with slicing, dicing and ricing but also with their great attitudes to teamwork, prioritising procedures and completing tasks… I’ve also seen a few in-class speed competitions going to get the dishwashers stacked in order of plate size, colour and rinsed-ness, with powder compartments filled, locked and loaded… and some little fairies even sorted and wrapped the aprons for me!

So to the menu: Little ears – or perhaps the more delicious-sounding Handmade Orecchiette – with People-powered pesto! I regularly read that it is better to tear or crush basil than to chop or snip it, and this recipe totally proves this: it is zingy and full of delicious tangy flavour. Do it and you will see! And it’s perfect for the hand-squished, moulded pasta shapes. Also: Pizzetta bianca (and its dough) – a new flavour sensation with red onion, mozzarella and thyme; our Composed salad (not Compost salad!) with roasted tomatoes, beans, boiled eggs and beautifully prepared lettuce leaves; and to finish off the remaining Asian veggies we made sticky Rice paper rolls with purple carrots, cucumber, capsicum, coriander and other things not beginning with the letter C, like pineapple sage! And with that our own homemade (obviously!) Sweet chilli sauce – no need to buy the sweet coloured gloopy stuff any more!

Hooray to that.

And we’ve plenty of space if you’re planning to come along to a session… Message me and I’ll fill you in!

Cheers, Melissa

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