Kitchen news – 13th March 2014

Kitchen news is back after a fortnight’s holiday in the Bahamas and is all the better for it… Meanwhile back at the ranch,the SAKGP and students have been slaving away over a humid, stormy and altogether fabulous February stove and dishing up some top grub.

On the menu these last weeks: the not so Purple carrot soup with sour cream and coriander, a zesty and wonderful gluten-free alternative Quinoa tabbouleh with poached eggs, and a perfect blend of creamy, garlicky and caramelised Antipasto di peperoni tricolore – roasted capsicum & whole clove garlic (thanks again to Andrew W for our French purple crop that keeps giving) with creamy feta and a drizzle of the hot item Bondi Pesto – the annual pesto sale on again 3pm Thursdays in the basketball court for 2 weeks only!!! One per customer, no pre-orders, form an orderly queue please… served with Garlicky rosemary flatbreads. Mmm-mmmmm!

Thank you to you wonderful Kitchen Garden volunteers who continue to support the program, whether by donating your timeweek after term after year regardless of rain, storm or heatwave – or turning up out of the blue like The Charge of The Light Brigade to rescue a sparse session. Hooray to you however you make it!

Cheers! M

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