Kitchen news – 27th March 2014

(This post has been rather delayed so apologies… Now to catch up!)

Week 9 and we’re thundering into mid-autumn with stormy skies and downpours aplenty… Best pop on the waterproofs and blend up some something soothing tout-suite! Spinach and parsley soup me’ ladies if you please, ladled up with a chunky Autumn salad with crunchy croutons (and dashing watermelon radishes to lively up itself) – A plate of Dragon’s tongue (or borlotti or French) beans with the most superb basil aioli, and then our blatant rip-off of Sean’s linguine with shredded rocket, lemon, chilli and parmesan, the pasta hand-rolled by ours truly, and slinky, juicy and peppery in every way… And then to finish, and the most delicious way to use up all the egg whites leftover from the garlicky basil mayo: meringues in the style of Rhubarb and rosewater Eton mess

We can only do all of this thanks to our dedicated army of parent and community volunteers! The Kitchen Garden program loves you – and we also love the mums and dads who have been in touch with requests for recipes to cook at home – the thick green soup this week was a veritable hit! It’s wonderful to know that the kids want to replicate the recipes at home… makes it all worthwhile!!!

Have a great week and keep dry 🙂

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