Kitchen news – 28th August 2014

We have started our lessons this menu with a little masterclass on dicing and slicing vegetables: how to finely chop an onion easily; the dos and don’ts of carrot division (!); and the simple way to 1cm-dice a potato. Lots of fun – and made me feel rather like a David Jones Saturday demonstration lady… think I’ll stick to this job. The children responded beautifully in class by showing me they had listened and taken in what they had seen, and our veggies were chopped just right!

One group got the lion’s share of knife experience: the Broad Beans, who had the mammoth task of cleaning and chopping mounds of carrots, onions, leeks, fennel, parsley, carrot tops, coriander and sun-dried tomatoes for the vital Bouillon that we use in all our soups, risotto and other dishes needing stock. We have preserved enough to sell at our stalls at Grandparents’ Day and at the Halloween Fete so pop by and pick some up then – you’ll never have to buy stock again!

Also making use of the chopping boards this fortnight were the Artichoke group, making my friend Sharon’s broccoli soup, with the cunning late addition of a spoonful of pesto, made in May this year and frozen for use now to remind us of summer flavours… thick and rich and fragrant. Perfect for this Melburnian weather!

The Olives made Flour tortillas from scratch – so easy to do at home, and free of all the rubbish additives. The gluten free version we made was actually tastier and more pliable than the usual one, using just G-F plain flour from Woolies, and we wrapped these around the Tomato group’s Magic bean stew, burrito-style. At home you could add avocado and a fried egg with some crispy bacon and chipotle sauce for the best brekkie burrito. Just saying.

And the Carrot team made the loveliest Winter salad with roasted bits and poached eggs – the bits: cauliflower florets and Brussels sprout leaves with cumin, coriander, salt, olive oil. And salad leaves, garlicky lemon dressing and wonderful eggs. Congrats to 4W for not breaking a single yolk in the process!

Thanks again for all the jars, especially Georgina for the massive box full of them, and also to Amir for the fab new juicer! Cheers! Mx

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