Kitchen News 18th November 2015

Ok so here we really are in spring. Finally! With pelting November rain again and burst of brilliant sunshine the garden is finally giving up its gorgeous primavera prizes… In class we’ve been discussing why it is that a lot of our veggies have bolted to seed without forming properly, like the onions that have flowers but no bulb, and the non-bulbous fennel bulbs shooting out with towering fronds: we know it’s the hot crazy October sun, great for swimming in the ocean early but havoc for the plants. Anyway at least now the winter veg is gone and we are totally seasonal baby! If you walk through at the garden now you’ll be amazed at all the activity and sprouting green stuff everywhere. Hallelujah!

So to our menu reflecting the hues and tones of green, green and green (with some orange bits thrown in too): a brand new orange and fennel salad with (the last of the) blood orange vinaigrette, slinky silverbeet and home-made garam masala soup with coriander, a burstingly spring salad of broad beans, radishes and goats cheese, and then to top it all off, some comfort food for the odd wintry day where you need something soulful: creamy polenta with poached eggs and sage. And we even found time to bottle up some of our famous rhubarb and vanilla jam too in some classes. So there you go. All these recipes up on this blog, so clink the links if interested…

Only a few weeks left of Kitchen Garden so make the most of us! And we still have lots of Chicken spots to fill over the holidays so please sign up if you can help 🙂

To Volunteer for Classes or Chickens: click on VolunteerSpot at


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