Kitchen News 23rd February 2016


Mish is settling in to the garden and has already attracted quite a following of busy-bee students helping her out at recess and lunchtime. It’s like Central Station at rush-hour in there! Waterers and chook cleaners, tomato plant-pullers and weeders everywhere… She is picking up loads of seedlings this week and will be planting them asap in garden classes as we need crops quick smart!

The garden beds are giving up the last of their summer veggies: juicy cherry tomatoes, some tiny and yellow, others red with little wormy holes but no wormies. The children have been making our version of the famous Insalata caprese, with the baby tomatoes, torn bocconcini, fragrant basil leaves and a simple but delicious dressing of olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.

We’re plucking the last of the eggplants from their vines to reduce them in tomato, onion and oregano and then toss with hot pasta and fresh pecorino for Penne alla Norma, a classic sauce invented in Sicily and named in honour of Bellini’s famous opera.

And we’ve been sautéing the zucchini with garlic and blending them up into a zingy dip with Greek yoghurt, lemon zest and mint for Koosa ma laban, serving it with the most dripplingly-delicious Garlicky rosemary flatbreads.

And those huge rocket leaves? Too spicy for a salad so we’ve cooked them up into Rocket soup with potato, ginger, cumin and turmeric – too hot for soup? Never! Bread and dripping next week…

Thanks to all who have booked into my ‘Secret World of Wine Tasting’ Fundraiser on Saturday 5th March – it’s all booked out! Hosted by yours truly, it’s a sit-down, relaxed look at the most popular varieties, what they are, where they come from, why you like some more than others – and nibbles. Sponsored by Joanna from Tyrrell’s Wines, nibbles from Jodie at Foodies, Bread from Michael at Brasserie Bread and Riedel glasses borrowed from Nicole Leighton! See you on Saturday!

Thanks! Melissa x


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