Kitchen news April 6th 2016


We have made it! Term 1: ticked off the list of things to do. We’ve gone out with a bang this week with several new recipes that knocked our socks off with deliciousness. I love it when a new recipe works – success mainly due to the wonderful helpers who watch over our young students by encouraging, guiding and gently suggesting whenever needed. We know your time is limited and that you’re needed in a hundred places at once, but it’s worth coming along , even if once or twice, to see the magic that actually happens in your child’s lesson. Can the older students work by themselves in groups without adult supervision? Well yes, a few of them certainly can, but even they benefit from your support and experience in the class. And goodness knows there’ll be a time very soon that they won’t want you around much at all, so why not take us up on the offer soon?

Eggplant chips with fennel yoghurt was a new starring recipe this week – lots of work for the Artichoke team who sliced perfectly rectangular batons, dipped them in the holy trinity of flour, egg and panko crumbs and then fried them until crispy. A freshly whipped fennel and coriander seed mayo and yoghurt dip totally perfected the dish. The Carrots this week chopped up a fabulous Pistou soup  – a French soup of zucchini, carrot, potato and celery with macaroni and the addition of a super-aromatic basil, garlic and parmesan pistou sauce dolloped on at the end. The Olives whipped up an eggy batch of Veggie patch and feta fritatte, using up all the last odds and sods of the remaining summer crops. The Tomato group punched and pummelled their way through a recipe of Rosemary and tomato focaccia and sliced up perfect squares of fluffy warm bread, and the Broad Beans zested and rolled up some of the famous Ava’s orange Anzac biscuits, just in time for the big day on the 25th April.

And a group of Year 6 boys also helped me process a huge bowl of just-picked olives by slicing, brining and bottling the little black jewels. They will be ready to do the next stage of marinating and preserving when we come back!

Talking of which, the schedule for next term is being finalised as we speak and will be emailed out to current volunteers as soon as it’s done. I will also include it in the first Class News of Term 2 so please look out for it there too. Have a great holiday and see you next term!

Holiday chickens? We have spaces over the Saturday, Sunday and Anzac day slots of the holidays to open and feed the school chickens in the morning, or close them up in the evening. Please sign up if you’re not going away and can help! Message me if interested.


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