Kitchen news 6th April 2016


We returned to a garden split between the last harvests of summer and the new plantings of winter, so we’ve an eclectic menu up on the board – Middle Eastern, Thai, Italian and olde English flavours mingling bizarrely but happily together on the tables…

The Olive group’s Quinoa tabbouleh has the knives sharpened to make light work of all the parsley, mint and basil that needs chopping and is the perfect dish to use up all the tiny baby tomatoes sprouting from absolutely everywhere in the garden!

The Tomato group is also chopping and blending frantically to make the paste for their Thai eggplant in coconut curry – and the results have been delicious and have had even the most reluctant child trying a little spoonful and agreeing it really is quite good indeed!

The Carrots have been very busy too, baking up some fabulous little parmesan biscuits and also marinating our own Bondi olives (picked in April and brining since) with orange zest, fennel and rosemary.


We’ve had so much rocket rocketing up Mish has been pulling up whole clumps for the Artichokes to wash, chop and blend up with potatoes and silverbeet for a silky autumn soup, and finally the Broad Beans have been peeling, finely slicing and jamming up a ‘set’ for Mandarine marmalade – it has taken this long to be finally picking mandies from the tree at the front of the cottage. So exciting! I’m hoping there will plenty of jars of the marmalade and the olives for sale on the Kitchen Garden stall at the Halloween Fete!

 Cluck cluck! We really need ongoing help with the chickens on Saturdays and Sundays to open and feed in the morning, or close them up in the evening. Please sign up if you’re close by and can help! Please speak to Mish or email me if you can help.


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