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Kitchen news – 13th September 2012

I begin the kitchen news this week desperately trying to avoid the most obvious cliché but my fingers are itching to type it, I can’t hold them back, I must write this…SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!! There. Phew… It’s done!

Spring is well and truly doing its thing: warm sunny t-shirt weather, leaves are sprouting, citrus flowers blossoming, the dozy flies have returned – and best of all is that the broad beans are imminent! It’s my favourite time of the year (although I haven’t quite packed the heater away, just in case…)

Delicious food all round in the kitchen this last fortnight. Yum, yum, yum! We’ve continued our blood orange celebration with two dishes: Salad of blood orange, beetroot, radish and goats’ cheese, and the occasional blood orange honey cake with vanilla’d Greek yoghurt. We’ve learnt how to make the most of the fabulous beetroot, with the bulbs going in to the aforementioned salad, and the leaves mixed in to frittate of beetroot leaf, sweet potato and feta… also featuring is spinach soup with sour cream and crunchy croutons, and rounding out the pack of recipes is ye olde but goode bocconcini, garden herb, rocket and red onion pizza – always a sell-out, and great fun to take out all your homework frustration pummelling the dough… Thanks so much to all the wonderful & calm volunteers for helping our students achieve great results!

And we’re starting to get very excited about the new book! In planning for next term’s VIP press extravaganza I would like to put a request out there for a few things: I’m begging to borrow or steal (preferably!) any big and beautiful platters (not plastic or melamine), any Guzzini-style Perspex drinking cups (you never know!), and any little funky glasses that might be hidden at the back of the drinks’ cupboard… Thanks – am willing to pay, in kind 🙂

That’s all for now – enjoy the hols and see you next term! Love Melissa

PS – Recipes to follow!
PPS – Got to love Sydney, first week of spring: 25 degrees C, 7.30 at night


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December 7th 2011

Orange pomander studded with cloves

Orange pomander studded with cloves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re on the home stretch now so trying to wind down the garden for the long summer break ahead, and use up all the lovely produce we’ve got now… alas the poor garden doesn’t know if it’s Arthur or Martha at the moment so we’re still pulling up leeks from the spring, and the summer basil and tomatoes are coming on…

So, finishing on a soup note (of course!) with carrot & leek – this has gone down so well this week that there has rarely been any left over for me! The children are gobbling it all! We’ve also been playing around with the pizzas and this week have tried out a base of wholewheat organic stoneground Demeter Farm Mill flour and a change of baking tray… all for the better too, especially with the last of our own March-picked olives. Check out our kitchen garden blog for these recipes and more!

We’ve also been baking up some lovely festive shortbread too – and one of our groups has been continuing the merry atmosphere by creating wonderfully perfumed & beribboned orange pomanders (cloves, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg) as decoration, for each student to take home… let’s hope that the pomanders get a chance to dry out in this humid & rainy Sydney weather and don’t go mouldy… hmmm.

We’ve had a great time cooking this year, and I have had an excellent time, getting to know the names to all the faces, all the way down the hill in the Cottage…! Thanks to everyone who has made me feel so welcome and part of the Bondi Public School family, it’s been a blast – and I’m very much looking forward to getting back into it in 2012 (after a huge break ha ha!).

Thanks also to the huge support we get from Wholefoods House: every week I take my shopping list  down to the store in Woollahra & they fill up my shopping trolley – thanks to them we’ve able to supplement our fantastic garden produce with quality organic pantry staples and the like.

And to our brilliant volunteers: you know who you are! I send you thanks with all my heart & see you on the 14th

Have happy & safe holidays and eat great food! See you next year,


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