November 24th 2011

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring… what crazy weather! Down in the Cottage we’re straddling the two extremes of temperature – in one lesson we’ve had chilled land-cress soup and our version of Eton Mess, and in the next it’s hot soup and carrot muffins with garlic butter… all dishes going down a treat however we’re starting to feel a bit Melburnian with all these ups and downs of climate! I’ve a mind to pull the gas heater out and plug it back in…

We’re also continuing the polenta theme as it’s a fab gluten-free alternative to pasta soaks up all the juices – with a recipe of soft parmesan polenta and braised celery and carrots… and also welcome back to the ever-popular dish of garden herb and red onion pizza. Yum.

And – hooray! Work has well and truly started on the lower playground: the diggers are in full swing with bashes and crashes from all angles and are tearing up the concrete like nobody’s business! There is no access to the cottage from that side so please come via the picturesque front gate, thanks.

My little sister Olivia came to help us out last week, all the way from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, in her first visit to Australia. She had a fantastic time volunteering at all the kitchen classes and is filled with amazement at the wonderful school we have here at Bondi, thanks to the beautifully behaved, talented and enthusiastic students who made her feel so welcome and helped plate up some truly deeelicious meals! She will be much missed.

A note for your diary: Wednesday 14th December 3pm – our Christmas Market Table! Come along to pick up a lovely treat for your Christmas table, tree or tummy… in the usual place, so please don’t forget your coins and shopping bags!

¡Gracias y hasta luego!


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