November 9th 2011

Midterm and only five more weeks til the big holiday but we’re cooking on four burners here in the cottage: last week we gorged on house-made beetroot pasta with garlic and herbs; a luscious beetroot soup; Colcannon for Halloween; our braised spinach and silverbeet take on the North Bondi Italian favourite; the classes sampling the globe artichokes and of course our gorgeous spring salad made even more springy with juicy fat strawberries and late broad beans…

This week we’re celebrating our season with parmesan and polenta torte and ragout of artichokes, broad beans and peas; a stir-fry of bok choy, garlic and ginger; and inspired by Ligia, some pao de queijo – Brazilian cheese balls – dunked in creamy spinach soup with crispy kale. If this sounds like your kind of food, come along and volunteer and you too will get to eat it!

For all those asking about recipes, I will forward them to Emma this week for the blog and my apologies for not getting them to her before now…

The Big Ask: Volunteers for both kitchen and garden! We only need a few, and there are ONLY 5 weeks left! Do it for the team!

Tuesdays             1.30 = 2 or 3        garden & kitchen (alternating weeks)

Wednesdays      11am = 2 or 3     garden & kitchen (alternating weeks)

                                1.30 = 1 or 2        garden & kitchen (alternating weeks)

Thursdays           1.30 = 2 or 3        garden every week (alternating class)

Cheers all! Melissa

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