Kitchen news – 19th July 2012

Welcome back everybody! And what a beautiful few days we’ve had, with lovely encouraging sunshine streaming onto our soggy lawns & a sniff of spring in the air even though we’re only halfway through winter!

Our Kitchen Garden

This week has been all about cleaning for me – with a small amount of excitement in blowing the fusebox in not only the cottage but also District Office next door (!) – but the main event of the week was a visit from the lovely Colin Holt from Hudson Meats who showed 5/6P how to make delicious, organic and preservative-free sausages from scratch. He brought along some chicken thighs and lamb shoulder and we minced them with our lovely Bondi herbs and rocket – and then we got to throw them on the BBQ & gobble them for lunch with Iggy’s rolls and our own luxury potato salad, a simple herby leaf salad, homemade tomato ketchup and balsamic onion jam… a BBQ fit for a governor general! Big thanks to Penny, Eliane and Steve for volunteering for this special event – and cranking up the hotplate!

All recipes due to be up here soon – check them out, like if you do, and subscribe!

And yep it’s that begging time again: please show your support for our crucial program in committing to some sessions of volunteering – ideally you will be able to help out for a term but we understand that time is short so we’ll take anything we can get! Spread the word out there if you can… thanks and happy munching!

PS – At the end of last term we held a kitchen class for some of the ladies & gents that wouldn’t ordinarily get to see what goes on in the cottage in term time… so I put Mr Jones, Mrs Morris, Mrs Kelly, Paul, Ligia and some of the DET district office chaps to work in their own sections… They did a great job & we had some delicious results – and here is the evidence!

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