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We’re at the Makers & Growers Market at Bondi PS (Wellington St, Bondi)

We’re at the market each and every Saturday from 8am at Bondi Public School, 5 Wellington St! Come and make our early mornings worthwhile by saying hi and picking up one of our fabulous posh sausage sizzles!

On the blackboard menu this week: Farm Panaroma (Sean’s farm at Bilpin) beef and barley – organic, preservative-free – snag with our own Jam Girls tomato chilli jam, rocket and Iggy’s roll… need we say more?


Oh yep, sorry! $7 gets you all that!

And you can also pick up your own jar or two of our award winning chilli jam to take home, as well as our roasted beetroot jam and onion jam too… and we’re also the place to pick up some Bondi Public School goodies: we’ve got copies of the ‘A Year In The Kitchen Garden’ cookbook, some of the fab ‘Flourish’ bags designed by the children – great for shopping and/or beach – and some limited edition Bondi PS Xmas wrapping paper… Grab it while you can!

See you on Saturday x


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Kitchen news – 19th July 2012

Welcome back everybody! And what a beautiful few days we’ve had, with lovely encouraging sunshine streaming onto our soggy lawns & a sniff of spring in the air even though we’re only halfway through winter!

Our Kitchen Garden

This week has been all about cleaning for me – with a small amount of excitement in blowing the fusebox in not only the cottage but also District Office next door (!) – but the main event of the week was a visit from the lovely Colin Holt from Hudson Meats who showed 5/6P how to make delicious, organic and preservative-free sausages from scratch. He brought along some chicken thighs and lamb shoulder and we minced them with our lovely Bondi herbs and rocket – and then we got to throw them on the BBQ & gobble them for lunch with Iggy’s rolls and our own luxury potato salad, a simple herby leaf salad, homemade tomato ketchup and balsamic onion jam… a BBQ fit for a governor general! Big thanks to Penny, Eliane and Steve for volunteering for this special event – and cranking up the hotplate!

All recipes due to be up here soon – check them out, like if you do, and subscribe!

And yep it’s that begging time again: please show your support for our crucial program in committing to some sessions of volunteering – ideally you will be able to help out for a term but we understand that time is short so we’ll take anything we can get! Spread the word out there if you can… thanks and happy munching!

PS – At the end of last term we held a kitchen class for some of the ladies & gents that wouldn’t ordinarily get to see what goes on in the cottage in term time… so I put Mr Jones, Mrs Morris, Mrs Kelly, Paul, Ligia and some of the DET district office chaps to work in their own sections… They did a great job & we had some delicious results – and here is the evidence!

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Hearty cabbage & chickpea soup

Winter = soup! This is lovely hearty way to get stuck into some cold weather… I used some Nolans Road organic kabuli chickpeas (from Wholefoods House, Woollahra) that were fantastic & only needed about 20 minutes cooking after soaking all night… and also ate it with some toasted day old Iggy’s country round sourdough (just seen) of course!

Our Kitchen Garden soup


  • Bowls – glass, large, med
  • Garlic press
  • Chopping board
  • Stockpot
  • Medium saucepan
  • Colander, sieve
  • Measures – tablespoon, jug
  • Wooden spoon, ladle
  • Serving bowls



  • 150g dried chickpeas
  • 1 tablespoon bicarbonate of soda
  • A small branch of sage
  • 6 cloves garlic
  • 2 leeks
  • 1 onion
  • 1 head cabbage
  • A small handful parsley
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • Flaked salt & black pepper
  • 2 litres vegetable stock
  • 1 tin chopped tomatoes

What to do:

  • The night before, place your dried chickpeas in the glass bowl and fill the bowl with cold water to double the height of the chickpeas, add the bicarb and stir. They will need to soak for at least 12 hours.
  • At the start of the lesson:
  • Drain the chickpeas into the colander and rinse them well, then put them into the medium saucepan with about 3cm cold water to cover.
  • Rinse the sage, keeping the branch whole, and shake dry. Peel 3 of the garlic cloves and add them, whole, to the saucepan. Also add the branch of sage, a teaspoon of salt & grind of pepper. Set on a medium heat and simmer for 2o minutes.
  • Meanwhile wash the leeks, scoring and peeling the outer layers off to look for hidden dirt, and then finely chop the leeks into thin slices.
  • Chop the cabbage in half and wash, checking for slugs or dirt to clean! Chop finely, cutting the core into small slivers.
  • Peel and chop the onion into small dice. Squeeze the remaining 3 cloves of garlic through the press. Wash the parsley and spin dry. Finely chop.
  • In the large stockpot, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Stir in the onion, leeks and garlic and cook GENTLY until onion is transparent, about 5 minutes.
  • Stir in stock or water, with a teaspoon of salt and grind of pepper. Bring to the boil, then stir in bouillon powder if using, and the cabbage. Simmer until cabbage wilts, about 10 minutes.
  • Chickpeas: After 20 minutes set the sieve over a heatproof bowl and carefully pour the chickpeas and their liquid in to drain, then scoop the chickpeas out into the cabbage soup with a cup of the cooking liquid.
  • Stir in the tomatoes and return to the boil, then simmer for about 20 minutes stirring often.
  • Check for seasoning and add in the chopped parsley. Ladle into serving bowls.
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May 24th 2012

With a sniffle and a snuffle we’re slowly making our way into winter – one more week to go chaps! – with cold nights and misty mornings, and my scarf wardrobe getting a workout… we’ve been late-autumning it up a bit in the cottage: last week the classes made the hearty ribollita soup from Tuscany (cavolo nero, overnight-soaked cannellini beans, carrot, tomato, celery, onion, stale ciabatta) and warmed up with a hit of chilli oil in Sean’s Panaroma’s recipe of handmade lingine with rocket, chilli, lemon and parmesan… alas the children ate all the linguine and left little for the grown-up volunteers… not even the chilli held them back! There was a little rhubarb for some crumble (of course!) and a drizzle of crème Anglaise for a lovely and rare sweet treat 😉

So we’re continuing on this week with the dried bean obsession – cooking off soaked borlotti beans in water with lots of sage and garlic until soft, then dousing in some rosemary-infused olive oil and finishing with a sprinkle of parsley. So simple and sooo good. Only bettered by spreading over buttered Iggy’s country sourdough! And jazzing up a crunchy radish salad with poached eggs and tarragon sauce – and we’ve now finished off the olives we picked in March in some hand-punched olive and rosemary foccacia.

To finish: for those cold nights with the heater dusted off and turned up to 11, we heartily recommend the rocket and coriander soup we’ve been making this week. Recipe to follow!

Keep warm out there… Melissa

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