Kitchen Garden news – 1st April 2013

Well goodness me, I was so busy with class preparations, the school Easter Hat Parade, travelling to the south coast to visit Granny for her birthday and my lovely aunt Rose & Uncle Paul, and planning Olly’s birthday extravaganza (!) that I completely forgot to write my news for the newsletter last week…!

I also forgot the wine, cheese & dips at home in the fridge and the kids’ back-bubbles for swimming (as well as clean underwear, but that’s another story) so I’m going with the flow now and purposefully trying not to stress about it all… and hoping that it’s not just old age (or young riesling) kicking in…

Spot the double-yolker!

So anyway – on to what’s been happening! We thought we might have had a quieter fortnight this menu than the last Chinese Banquet one… but no! We pushed the boundaries yet again and had everyone cooking up a feast every lesson… on Wednesday morning’s class we found a double-yolker too! What better miracle of food life is there than an egg with too yolks? So we poached it and plopped it into an Autumn salad with poached eggs & creamy tarragon and landcress mayo… We kneaded dough & sliced spuds for Potato and rosemary pizza, and whizzed up one of our favourites: Ottolenghi’s hummus with our Rosemary and thyme grissini and Crudités, and rolled out superfine Handmade linguine with Rocket and basil pesto. And then to finish – of course we had to squeeze in some freshly baked Apricot, cranberry and cardamom hot cross buns just in time for Easter!

Ottolenghi’s hummus

Rosemary & thyme grissini, crudites

And the result? Clean plates – poor chooks – and happy kids! We had some very wonderful comments – and also some beautiful manners and sharing from, in particular, my lunch compadres in Year 3 one Wednesday arvo. Delicious, delicious!

Handmade linguine, rocket & basil pesto

All the other recipes will be up here in the next few days – and even perhaps the one for Banoffee Pie that Olly requested for his 4th party! Mmmmmmmm… Watch this space!

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