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The Bondi Cook… at Home


For almost 6 years I have been working and playing within the Bondi Public School environment. I wish I had a dollar for every time a parent has said in a Kitchen Garden class, ‘I wish I could wrap you up and take you home!’

Well, now I, Melissa, A.K.A. The Bondi Cook is getting ready to offer you just that!
In 2017 I am launching The Bondi Cook… at Home. Delicious and nutritious home-made meals (by me!) for you and your family.  Don’t worry, I’m not walking away from Kitchen Garden classes, I am just hoping to turn my afternoons and Fridays into a local business, doing what I love most.

The Bondi Cook… at Home will focus on yummy stuff for your fridge and pantry, ready to heat and eat, or freeze for another night.
Fresh, seasonal, homemade and free from any baddies!
I’m running a trial for the rest of this term and then will start properly in 2017.  I am hoping to have a fancy website and a great ordering system but all that will come in time.
Meanwhile, I’ll be sending an email out every Sunday for the next few weeks, with a small menu of four or five items for you to reply back to with your order if interested. I’ll cook on Fridays and discuss pickup instructions with you. Easy!

Dishes might include:
*Herbed labneh with lemon and garlic
*Korean-style kimchi
*Rosemary spiced nuts
*Luxurious chicken liver pate
*Pork and spinach pot-sticker dumplings
*Curry of chickpea, potato and cabbage
*Spanish lentil and chorizo stew
*Salmon and coriander fishcakes
*Fresh pizza dough balls ready to roll, top and bake
*Super-sugo sauce for pasta & pizza
*Yemeni chicken curry
*Greek slow-roasted leg of lamb with tzatziki
*Crunchy granola suite… and other tasty treats!

If you like what I’m doing, sign up to the newsletters! Or follow my page here:

And you can see one of my newsletters here…

Much love x

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Kitchen Garden news – 1st April 2013

Well goodness me, I was so busy with class preparations, the school Easter Hat Parade, travelling to the south coast to visit Granny for her birthday and my lovely aunt Rose & Uncle Paul, and planning Olly’s birthday extravaganza (!) that I completely forgot to write my news for the newsletter last week…!

I also forgot the wine, cheese & dips at home in the fridge and the kids’ back-bubbles for swimming (as well as clean underwear, but that’s another story) so I’m going with the flow now and purposefully trying not to stress about it all… and hoping that it’s not just old age (or young riesling) kicking in…

Spot the double-yolker!

So anyway – on to what’s been happening! We thought we might have had a quieter fortnight this menu than the last Chinese Banquet one… but no! We pushed the boundaries yet again and had everyone cooking up a feast every lesson… on Wednesday morning’s class we found a double-yolker too! What better miracle of food life is there than an egg with too yolks? So we poached it and plopped it into an Autumn salad with poached eggs & creamy tarragon and landcress mayo… We kneaded dough & sliced spuds for Potato and rosemary pizza, and whizzed up one of our favourites: Ottolenghi’s hummus with our Rosemary and thyme grissini and Crudités, and rolled out superfine Handmade linguine with Rocket and basil pesto. And then to finish – of course we had to squeeze in some freshly baked Apricot, cranberry and cardamom hot cross buns just in time for Easter!

Ottolenghi’s hummus

Rosemary & thyme grissini, crudites

And the result? Clean plates – poor chooks – and happy kids! We had some very wonderful comments – and also some beautiful manners and sharing from, in particular, my lunch compadres in Year 3 one Wednesday arvo. Delicious, delicious!

Handmade linguine, rocket & basil pesto

All the other recipes will be up here in the next few days – and even perhaps the one for Banoffee Pie that Olly requested for his 4th party! Mmmmmmmm… Watch this space!

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Kitchen News – 6th December 2012

(OK this is a bit late but I’ve finally managed to find time to get this all updated! Watch this space…)


Sunny and hot, cold and windy, humid and foggy, sunny and windy, cold and rainy, warm and rainy, sunny and windy… What’s going on? Goodness, just as I think I can pack the heaters away and start chilling cucumber soup, the wind & rain get me reaching for the long sleeves & slow-braised lamb again… One thing’s for sure though: the broad bean season has definitely come to an end! I counted to about 25 kilos but then I reckon we plucked another 25kg after that… and even today I finished blanching & freezing another box-worth, so will be able to surprise and delight (!) some eager-beavers in the first few weeks back in 2013…

So to business: Weeks 9 and 10 of Term 4 traditionally only mean One Thing: the Festive Menu! We’re mixing it up though in the interest of sustainability and using up what we’ve got before the big break… so we’re balancing mini Christmas cakes and festive shortbread with rainbow silverbeet and spring onion calzone, and the return of our fabulous Nicoise salad as it’s just SO good with our spanking-fresh eggs, and those green dwarf beans just keep on comin’… the children have also been hard at work signing their thankyou cards and then completing them in our kitchen classes, and Ligia has been helping our groups create beautiful mandala-inspired patterns on them with some clever kitchen garden materials…


This will be my last Kitchen News of 2012… So with that I would like to thank all the Bondi children for being so enthusiastic and inspiring, for being so helpful and happy, for saying hello in the playground and telling me that they made one of our dishes at home, for trying new foods and for being brave. I’m very sad to be saying goodbye to the beautiful Year 6s (and some year 4s too) who have been such a joy to work with this year, but in reality the circle of life continues and I’ll be a proud mum waving my big girl off at the school gates for the first time in the New Year…

Our heartfelt thanks too to our great community of KG volunteers who help these kids achieve so much every lesson – and that’s not just the delicious food: I see first-hand the changes in self-esteem, self-control, technical ability & fine motor skills, the ability to work as a team (and even vegetable identification and preparation!) – and then stay and sweep the floor too! And a big group-hug to all the amazing staff and teachers at Bondi who help me do this great job and keep me smiling day after day…

Thank you for a great year. Love, Melissa x


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