OKG School Holiday Program – Wednesday 24th April 2013


Wednesday’s menu

Introduction – Knife Licences

Mushroom and rocket frittate*
Apple and cinnamon compote with vanilla yoghurt*
Ava’s orange Anzacs*

Chook care – Garden walk & herb id

Autumn fridge soup*
Pumpkin gnocchi with burnt butter and sage*
Lettuces and radish salad with poached eggs and tarragon mayo*

Seedlings & seeds
Take home: start a herb garden!


Herb ID & beautiful drawings

And another day dawned bright and clear in the Kitchen Garden Cottage… we had another set of talented and keen children who got stuck in right away & produced some delicious work! As well as the enormous amount of cooking we did, we also had some great discussions about keeping chooks, and what Sustainability means and how we can help our planet… and how growing your own veggies and herbs, cooking at home, choosing less packaging, and recycling and re-using can help, especially if we’re all doing it!


Smiling faces!

We got to do a little harvesting and potted our own herbs to take home – and cooked up such a storm that everyone was really full! It was a lovely day, calm and productive… and delicious! (If you would like to reproduce some of the fabulous dishes, click on the asterisked links in the menu to be redirected to the recipes!)


Can we start?!

And one last thanks to all the helpers – thanks to Kelly, Erin and the lovely Sharon from Sydney Mum for being the beacons of help and teaching! As always, the helpers are crucial in maintaining momentum (and for the cleaning up at the end!)


The lovely Sharon!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you next time xx

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