Kitchen garden news – 16th May 2013

Our own Bondi olives

Even though we’re in deepest late-autumn, with these wonderful warm and sunny days we are continuing our run of eggplant and basil in the garden like it’s the middle of summer… So we’re capitalising on this and also fulfilling our cool-evening cravings for comfort food: Melanzane alla Parmigiana (baked eggplant with parmesan, basil and tomato) has been wowing the crowds with its wafty oven-baked aromas and gooey deliciousness!

And the olives have been brining and are ready to be jarred-up, so these weeks have seen the classes bottling and preserving our 4½kgs-worth picked back in February & March – for our Bondi Olives we’ve used orange peel, rosemary, thyme, fennel seed and bay in a nwarm extra-virgin olive oil bath and the results are wonderful – really savoury and delicious. The Olive teams have been busy also knocking up a batch of bel-mondo-inspired Parmesan & dried rosemary biscuits to go with as a wee appetiser…

Also on the menu is a Warm salad of chestnuts, apple and sage – this is a lovely autumn salad, with all the different textures and combination of sweet and savoury, and excitement of possible chestnut explosions! And I think this menu’s soup is quite possibly the thickest, greenest soup we have seen… so chunky you could carve it, or at least spread it on toast! I quite honestly can tell you that the Silverbeet, rocket and potato soup gets eaten up every class and there is never any left!

And last but not least, Rhubarb and pear compote with vanilla yoghurt – the perfect brownie-point winner: if you forgot Mums’ Day last week, this is the chance you need to redeem yourself!

All recipes will be up before the weekend:

And one last thing! We will be making pesto to sell over the next 2 weeks so bring your $5 on a Thursday arvo for a tub of end-of-season free-range Bondi PS Pesto!

Cheers! Melissa

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