Kitchen garden news – 13th June 2013

Lemongrass, cumquat peel and apple thyme for the tisane

Ha ha! Winter has finally hit but we’re safe and secure down here in the Cottage of the Steamy Windows with ovens baking, soups stirring, eggs poaching and herbal teas brewing… the garden has been flooded with rain this week: great for our broad beans and other spring crops already planted. We still have the odd summer plant yet to give up the ghost – every time Ligia plans to pull them out they throw up another handful of delicious veggies – zucchini and their flowers, snap & snow-peas, basil… they’re hanging on for dear life!

So to our menu this week: a hearty Cabbage, barley and coriander soup, an unblended soup this time & left in all its chunky glory; Pizza with broccoli, garlic and anchovies – amazing how so many children say they don’t eat fish ‘cos they don’t like it – but then scoff this pizza in fistfuls as it comes to the table!

We are mixing the aforementioned cross-seasonal veggies in our Ragout of (winter) vegetables, and serving this alongside Creamy polenta with poached eggs & sage – I beg you to try this recipe if you haven’t already made friends with polenta! And to finish, some Lemon butter biscuits (thanks Shelley for the lemons, I must get some bikkies up to you!) & Herbal tisane: our ‘tea’ of lemongrass, cumquat peel and apple mint. Yum yum, all of it!

I will do my best to get the recipes posted by the weekend – if you’re keen to receive the recipes straight to your inbox then subscribe to this site (there is a button on the right of main screen) for all new posts – updated fortnightly!

And one last thing: next term we want to start a weekly Fruit & Veggie Box Scheme for BPS families – seasonally sourced from the Sydney area to avoid road & air miles and mainly organic with a little conventional added in (PS this is NOT our Kitchen Garden produce!).

A-one-size-fits-all-box: Fifty bucks, pick up from the Cottage on a Monday arvo, proceeds going directly to the SAKGP! Who’s in? We should be able to do up to 40 boxes – first in etc. Speak to Grace or me at school if you’re interested and we will let you know deets once we have more info.

Cheers all! Melissa

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