The Kindergarten visit, Term 3 2013


The SAKGP Philosophy: Growing, Harvesting, Preparing and Sharing

Our chemical-free food philosophy aided by WHOLEFOODS HOUSE, Woollahra

Life lessons at Bondi

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Helping our planet to continue supporting human life: Composting – Chooks – Reusing – Recycling… Then rubbish!
  • Knife skills and Licences in Year 3

A snapshot of a lesson:

  • The whiteboard & the harvest table


  • Allergies & diet restrictions
  • Loos & washing hands!
  • Basic verbal tour
  • Where to go in an emergency
  • Hot water/ bandaids/ washing up liquid
  • Volunteers’ help: in classes, working bees, washing aprons, mopping!

What is expected:

  • Clean hands! Sleeves up!
  • Noise levels: inside voices
  • Walking around the kitchen!
  • Enthusiasm & helping to create our food
  • Sharing jobs & taking turns
  • Cleaning up, setting & clearing, stacking dishwashers

What we’re doing today!

  • Mushroom and garden herb pizza!
  • Each group split into 2: one for rolling out dough & making new dough, one for preparing herbs, toppings and cheeses
  • Scales v. jugs
  • Cleaning tables and washing up, re-setting, dishwasher, sweeping!

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