Kitchen Garden News – 12th September 2013

I’m clearly a bit late in posting this so apologies chaps!  Attempting to get myself up-to-date tout-suite..!


Spring is springing with a force to be reckoned with: the garden is full of winter, spring and even almost summer crops due to this super-warm and dry bushfire weather… Cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, spinach, lettuces, snap peas, radishes, broad beans and quite a few tomato plants sticking their tendrills out! And still mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms…

We’ve doubled up a few menu items this time due to few classes missing out recently – and we’re none the worse for it as all dishes these last weeks have been delicious. We whisked up another batch of Mushroom and spinach omelettes, but the Salad of broad beans, radishes and goats cheese, with beans so young they didn’t need a double-pod, was beautiful and delicious, and had the children almost licking the plates!

We blitzed and mouli’d cruciferous veggies with our Cauliflower and nutmeg soup & Speedy croutons, and also stirred and stirred Mushroom and Tuscan kale risotto (with beetroot leaves too in the last classes). The Pizza ai funghi e rucola we jazzed up with some lovely peppery rocket with parmesan and balsamic, and for the Upside-down blood orange and cardamom cake we whipped up a few bowls of Vanilla bean yoghurt too. And it was good…

Before I go I’d like to say thanks to Ligia for the two and a half years we have worked together – Bondi PS’s Garden Specialist and I have been through thick times and thin, drought and deluge, plague and plenty (of broad beans, last year…!) and I wish her well in her travels back to Brazil for Term 4, and whatever 2014 holds in store for her and her family… viagem segura chica!

And from Ligia: As I am finishing up this term, I would like to thank ‘the Bondi School community’ for all their hard work and support with the garden program. Cheers. Ligia

Cheers all!

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