Kitchen news 11th March 2015

Even with the dusty old summer plants pulled out and new beds filled with soil and tiny seedlings, we have still managed to complete a wonderful menu of delicious dishes… Autumnal pomegranates from the Kindy Playground trees and watermelons from the garden beds; the last of the beautiful basil and late summer blackened eggplants; and vermillion stripes of rainbow silverbeet spiking the air. The children too have been very clever in slicing large clumsy things like watermelons and half-pumpkins, and frenziedly chopping hardy herbs. I love seeing how much initiative they show year by year: asking to help and deftly handling tasks – and even washing up, drying up and packing away everything neatly in the case of the Stage 3 students! Such a joy to watch.

So the menu in full: Watermelon, pomegranate, feta and mint salad, with a handful of finely chopped red onion and white balsamic dressing; our hand-rolled Thyme and rosemary grissini, to dunk into silky Silverbeet soup with sour cream and chives; our old classic of crispy/ creamy Roasted pumpkin with goats’ cheese and pesto – such a wonderful autumn dish, so many delicious mingled flavours and perfect as a veggie lunch or side to roast chicken; and a new fave, a slinky and cheesy Eggplant and rosemary pizza with rocket. Great food.

Why not come along and see what the fuss is about! Classes are a burst of activity followed by fabulous food and time spent with your own gorgeous kids… Cooking real food, with NO artificial colours or additives! Lots of veggies, a little fruit, and good fats: olive oil, cheese, butter. We are so lucky for our children to be experiencing such a wholefood environment in this school: in the meals and snacks and gorgeous natural treats that the Canteen supply in massive demand each day; by being around the gardens and veggie beds and experiencing the wealth of knowledge of our gardeners and learning how to grow and maintain a veggie garden, and by learning in the cottage what to do with fresh produce, and trying it and ultimately enjoying it. Pleeeease respect this unique vision by sending in healthy options for your kids in their lunch boxes and especially at birthday times! Packaged items with artificial food colour numbers (ie frozen coloured icy-poles) are bad news for our kids, but the good news is that there are better options available always. Now endeth the sermon! If you’d like more info please get in touch.

Anyway please let us know if you’re coming along to help so that we can we adequately plan our classes! We need 5 spots filled for every Kitchen and Garden class. It’s easy now – click here to sign up & let us know that you’re coming: VolunteerSpot

Cheers lovelies xx

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