Kitchen news 25th February 2015

THE most delicious food has been produced this last fortnight. Oh my goodness yes!

Our pre-Xmas spuds made great in an Easy potato salad with late summer tomatoes, rocket and basil oil; the most amazingly vibrant and spicy/sweet Asian cabbage slaw you could ever imagine; Handmade linguine pasta squelched with People-Powered Pesto (hand-pestled indeed, TVM!*); and a TBT Curried carrot soup with yoghurt and coriander… and we blitzed our own curry powder for it too, natch.

We were fabulously aided by team of amazing helpers, and we gloriously salute your presence & appreciate you so much… the children have benefitted enormously from your help: your guidance and knowledge, your skills and patience, your humour and Being There-ishness… Thank you!

And on more exciting news, B&G have had a mountain of soil delivered for all the new seeds and seedlings – come and take a look! There is so much going on; beds cleared; chooks furnished; vines trellised; bushes trimmed… and they need help to get our food planted. Can you spare 45 minutes to supervise a small group of children? No experience necessary (but also appreciated!) Come and get some garden expertise for nix… and a whole lot more besides… or just come and say hi. 🙂

And please let us know if you’re coming along to help so that we can we adequately plan our classes! We need 5 spots filled for every Kitchen and Garden class. It’s easy now – click here to sign up & let us know that you’re coming: VolunteerSpot

Cheers lovelies xx

*Thanks Very Much!

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