Kitchen News – 22nd November 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re starting our descent into Christmas. Buckle your seat belts and stow your meal trays, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…! Every year I usually get so excited at this time of year, especially with two young children around, but this year – because the decorations have been up in shopping centres since before Halloween – I don’t get that same thrill of planning, decorating & boiling puddings… I’m hoping that last-few-weeks-itis will soon kick in at school and propel me forward into the land of gaudy baubles and fake long beards…

Meanwhile back at the ranch it’s been business as usual preparing the most yummy spring dishes. I’ve got to say it really is amazing to watch our Bondi children at work over their chopping boards, slicing with precision and peeling, stirring, measuring, weighing, clearing, washing up and working in teams – and especially trying new foods (like the artichokes – what a hit they were!) to the point of licking the bowls! I even had a gorgeous chap from 2B come to me after yesterday’s class to say that he thought the meal & class was ‘superb’. Bless!

And here’s what he ate: Hugh’s fish-free Niçoise salad; Alice’s broad bean puree (yep those plants are still going!); Hugh’s garlicky flatbreads; Frank’s oat pancakes with roasted strawberries; and my carrot and fennel soup… yes I admit I’ve been going a bit crazy on Hugh F-W’s Veg Every Day but the latest addition to the household is Yotam’s Jerusalem (thank you Emma & Grace!) so expect some exotica here soon!

PS I’m almost up to date with all the recipes, hooray!

PPS the day dawned bright and clear for the first Makers & Growers market last week – it was a quiet soft opening but the produce was fab & atmosphere lovely… come down if you’re up & about early, I’ll be there with my organic sizzle & chilli jams and will also be supporting the school in selling the cookbook, Flourish bags and festive wrapping paper on my stall xx

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